Authentic Sapporo Jingisukan in Sumikawa

Hidden gem: Local hotspot for Authentic Jingisukan cuisine missing from tourist guides.

Nama Ram Honpo Jingisukan Restaurant Outside View

Located close to Sumikawa station

Only 3 minutes on foot from Sumikawa Station, a quick trip from the city center. Despite seeming distant, it’s just a 10-minute ride from Susukino Station.

Infection Control

Infection Control

At Nama Lamb Honpo, we have implemented ventilation, disinfection of tables and menus, temperature checks for staff, and hand washing with electrolyzed water.

Jingisukan Meat Comparison

Diverse array of delectable offerings

Indulge in the essence of “Jingisukan,” meaning Lamb. Our menu boasts a delightful variety, ranging from classic shoulder cuts to the exquisite tongue and lamb chops.

Jingisukan with the Family

Suitable for all ages

Experience Jingisukan differently with us. Gone is the smoky stereotype, thanks to our powerful ventilation. Families can delight in our wide range of sides, ensuring children are happily satisfied.

Jingisukan Staff

Our Store’s Commitment

Authentic, succulent farm-fresh lamb.

Indulge in the world of Jingisukan, where two styles await: the saucy delight of Takigawa-style and the marinated richness of Sapporo-style. If you crave the authentic taste of lamb, our fresh lamb Jingisukan is a must-try, delivering a succulent experience that goes beyond frozen alternatives. Welcome to the realm of real, irresistible freshness.

The Owner’s Exclusive Sauce

Our offering includes our unique secret sauce. While Jingisukan often brings to mind a sweet sauce, ours is crafted from a crisp and invigorating soy sauce, beautifully complementing the rich lamb essence.

You can enjoy this sauce with sake or rice, and you won’t find it anywhere else because it’s our chef’s own special recipe. Only the restaurant’s president and chef know how to make it. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind secret sauce.

Payment Methods

In addition to cash, the following payment methods are accepted

■Credit Card
VISA、MasterCard、American Express、DINERS、JCB、Discover

■QR Pay


3 minutes walk from Sumikawa Station on the Nanboku Line

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