Nama Lamb Honpo offers a wide-selection of menu items. We Also offer a wide-variety of drinks and special offers.


Fresh Lamb

Premium Lamb(Shoulder Roast) 930円

Premium Lamb 3x Portion 2600円

Fresh Lamb(Shoulder) 770円

Lamb Loin 870円

Thick-cut Salty Lamb 1080円

Mutton Roast 770円

Lamb Chops(1 bone) 880円

Savory Salted Pork Offal 480円

Arranged Vegetables 530円

Vegetables 370円
(Bean Sprouts・Green Onion・White Onion・Cabbage・Garlic・Shiitake Mushrooms)

Assorted Lamb Cuts 1850円
(Shoulder・Shoulder Roast・Mutton Roast・Lamb Chop)


Lamb Chorizo 650円

Lamb Hamburg 990円

Lamb Meatballs 860 円

Lamb Cheese Meatballs 860円

Extra-Large Lamb Sausage 1350円

Side Menu

Rice 220円

Large Rice 330円

Egg Soup 400円

Radish Salad 470円


Assorted Kimchi 530円

Kimchi 400円

Chanja 420円

Lamb Tartare 1180円

Edamame 330円

Garlic 520円


Milk Ice Cream 330円

Milk Ice Cream with toppings 400円

(Chocolate・Strawberry・Blueberry・Mango・Green Tea・Caramel・Hokkaido Melon)


Drinks Menu 1
Drinks Menu 2
Drinks Menu 3

Party Plan

Party Plan Menu

All-you-can-eat-and-drink Party Plan

Only for parties of 4 or more, please make reservation one day in advance

90 minutes All-you-can-eat-and-drink 4300円(Kids 2000円)

Lamb Shoulder・ Salted Pork Offal・Assorted Vegetables・Napa Cabbage Kimchi・Radish Kimchi・Rice

Food Last Order 20 min before end、Drink Last Order 10 min before end

Women-only Party Plan

Only for parties of 2 or more, please make reservation one day in advance。

90 minutes All-you-can-eat-and-drink 3000円

Assorted Fresh Lamb(Shoulder Roast・Shoulder・Thick-cut salty Lamb・Lamb Chops・Salted Pork Offal)、Assorted Vegetables、Salad、Soup、Kimchi、Rice、Romantei Sweets

Drink Last Order 10 min before end

All-You-Can-Drink Plans

90 Minutes All-You-Can-Drink 1760円

60 minute extension 550円

Soft-Drink All-You-Can-Drink 880円

Drink Last Order 10 min before end